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1. Bitcoin transfer not received

Bitcoin automated funding has to go through all confirmations before It can be deposited on your account. Transaction has to be seen by 6 peers before It's complete. Because of the specifics of Bitcoin system It could take from 5 minutes to 24 hours. We have no control over Bitcoin system therefore you need to wait. Please understand we have nothing to do with Bitcoin system being slow on confirming the transaction. In case your account has not been funded after 24 hours feel free to create a new ticket or contact us directly with Bitcoin address you have paid to.

2. Credit Card or Dump Refund Request

We're using the most reliable checkers available try2check, cardok and ucheck, which are proven to be the most accurate amongst various cc dump shops. You can read about these checkers on many forums. No matter what shops you buy ccs and dumps from, they will be checked by above named checkers. You need to understand that checkers are third-party services connected to the shop and we have no control over them. If card is Approved in one merchant and Declined in the other, you're either hitting a Region Lock or you simply flagged the card with first authorization request.

All replacements done through automated checker within the replacement time in the "Orders" page. Check your card and If It's indeed declined you will receive a refund. Read Replace Policy that you have agreed to, when registered. Some bins are non-refundable. Some cards are too sensitive even to authorization requests (checks) so they are sold non-refundable for a reason because of the high sensitivity to authorization requests and neuro-filter triggering. Note - If you export cards you will void an ability to check them and receive a refund.

And remember to use the cards first, and then come back for Refund in case It has been declined.